(March 24, 2013)
 Blessed Mother says: "Praise be to Jesus."

"I have come with yet another important weapon in the fight against abortion.
As you know, abortion is the one crime which, if conquered, would change the future of the world. The weapon I now hand off to you is the Chaplet of the Unborn."

Blessed Mother holds out a chaplet with five sets of three Hail Marys and one Our Father - like the chaplet of the United Hearts. The beads are like the beads on the Rosary of the Unborn.

She says: "Pray each set of one Our Father and three Hail Marys for the following intentions:"

"Set 1 - The recognition by all that God creates human life at the moment of conception."

"Set 2 - An end to all legalized abortion."

"Set 3 - For all expectant mothers - that they value the precious life within them."

"Set 4 - The conviction of conscience in the Truth for anyone considering abortion."

"Set 5 - An inner healing for all who have been involved in any way with abortion:
Mothers and Fathers
Health Caregivers
Those who, in their thoughts, words or lack of action, have supported abortion."

"At the end, say the following prayer:"

"Heavenly Father, please forgive this generation for the arrogance of abortion. Heal the many wounds abortion has caused in our hearts, in the world and in our relationship with You. Unite us in the Truth. Amen."
(March 25, 2013)
Blessed Mother says: "Praise be to Jesus."

"Here are the advantages - promises, if you will - of praying the Chaplet of the Unborn which I just dictated to you:"

*"Every time the Chaplet is prayed from the heart, some soul
contemplating abortion will have a change of heart."

*"Each time the Chaplet is prayed from the heart, some soul will
be reconciled with the Truth of what abortion really is - the
taking of a life."

*"The Chaplet is a means of reconciliation between the heart of
man and the Heart of God, which is so greatly wounded by the
sin of abortion."

"You will make this known"
Heaven’s Messages Regarding Leadership, Our Nation, and The Elections


January 27, 2012
Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. "My brothers and sisters, these days as the secular world closes in on Christianity, it is all important to support the TRUTH and to search out the TRUTH. BE INFORMED. DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED FREEDOM - IT MAY SLIP THROUGH YOUR FINGERS.  Tonight I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love."


January 30, 2012
Jesus his hear with His Heart exposed. He says: "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.  My brothers and sisters, tonight I ask each of you to pray from your heart that your country remains FREE--FREE FROM DICTATORSHIP and so much secularism. Tonight I'm blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love."


February 3, 2012
Blessed Mother says: "Praise be to Jesus.  These days you are witnessing secularism closing in on organized religion and opposing certain beliefs through unjust laws. Yet, when I appeared years ago seeking to be recognized as the Protectress of the Faith, it was deemed unnecessary. Today I come to you as Refuge of Holy Love, the relevance of which should not be lost to you during these times of turmoil."

"In My Immaculate Heart, you will find safe refuge. Herein, there is no persecution, class warfare or anarchy. My Heart offers to each one a Mother's Love. My Heart is a safe Refuge of Truth and a Fortress of Peace. I do not discriminate as to beliefs, race or position in the world. I am your Mother. I only desire you choose Holy Love, for this is the passkey to My Heart. Within this Sanctuary of Grace lies your perfection in holiness, which is all you need presently."

"As your Mother, I am asking you to be careful whom you support politically. You are supporting not the person, but his beliefs and ideals. Today there is great departure from the Truth in many a heart that aspires to or holds office. Be wise enough to research candidates before you vote. Holy Love must be your monitor of Truth."

"You must be shields of Truth during these times, deflecting Satan's lies and seeking My protection over the faith of the multitude."


February 6, 2012
"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.  These days Satan makes his presence felt in many ways and influences many people. This is evident in unjust and biased laws, rulings and decrees. You must let Holy Love be the Monitor of Truth. I do not expect blind compliance to unjust laws. The office held by a person is not always his credential of Truth. This is a misconception; nor is every law levied in Truth and Justice. You must be discerning in what you choose to comply with. If a law transgresses conscience - a conscience formed in Holy Love - your responsibility is to Holy Love, not to blind obedience."

"In your country today, a movement away from God-given freedom is underway. Do not give up your rights as God's Creation - God's children. You have a right to freedom of conscience. This must not become political. You have the right to believe in and live in Holy Love. This, too, is a matter of conscience and should not be dictated against unjustly. Be aware of the parallel between the ones taking away the freedom of your conscience."

"I have come to defend the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves, and those intimidated into silence."


February 7, 2012
St. Catherine of Siena says: "Praise be to Jesus.  As your country faces another election year, Heaven is praying that a wise choice will be made. Every nation deserves a wise leader - a leader who wants what is best for the people he governs - a leader that is sincere and parental towards those he is chosen to lead."

"What you should beware of - what you do not want in a leadership position - is a duplicitous politician full of self-interest and hidden agendas. This type of leader is not a leader in the best interests of the nation, but of self-advancement and cannot succeed in governing this country past the problems it now faces - nationally and globally."


February 8, 2012
St. Catherine of Siena says: "Praise be to Jesus.  As with every generation, there is God's Law and there is man's law present in the world today. The two should be supportive - one of the other. When man imposes his free will in opposition to God's Law, the righteous must stand up in defense of God's Divine Will, which is represented by His Laws."

"Mere man must not dictate matters of conscience. Therefore, no one - no matter his station in life - can say you must freely support birth control and abortion. No one can dictate that you must not come to the property here to pray. Although this has never been stated, many have been misled to believe so."

"This is an age when you must be certain of your God-given rights, and not be afraid to practice them. Do not be intimidated by power and title. Come against those that oppose good with your prayers. If you do not, you lend strength to evil intentions."

"The enemy does not want you to know these things. His smoke is all around every good effort, trying to eliminate it. Pray that he doesn't succeed."


February 9, 2012

"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.  I remind you solemnly, Truth is the reflection of God's Light. Therefore, any laws conceived under the cover of darkness are not of God. These days love of power has overshadowed conviction of hearts in the Truth. When this motive overtakes hearts, any evil is conceivable and possible. Those who live in the Truth have the moral responsibility not to remain silent, but to speak up. This is the only way to remove Satan's fingerprints from national and world affairs.  You must make those who live in darkness accountable."


February 10, 2012
Archbishop Gabriel Ganaka* says: "Praise be to Jesus.  I have been sent today to speak to you about leadership. There is so much controversy these days about what qualities a good leader should have, both politically and ecclesiastically ."

"First of all, a good leader must embrace the Truth. The Truth is always one with Holy Love. This being said, a good leader loves God above all else and neighbor as self. Such a dedicated leader always acts out of loving concern for all others. He never seeks to divide, but to unite. He does not hold selfish ambition in his heart. A good leader respects the rights of those under his charge. He, in humility, knows his place before God."

"His concern is for the welfare of others - not himself. He leads by good example. If he is a spiritual leader, he leads his flock to a deeper relationship with God. If he is a civil leader, he respects and upholds the law. Leadership is a privilege given through Divine Will, and must be taken seriously."

*Archbishop Ganaka was from Jos Nigeria and was one of Maureen's spiritual advisors in 1998-1999. He endorsed the Messages and wrote the Foreword to THE REMEDY AND THE TRIUMPH published in 2000. He has since passed away, and his cause for Sainthood was begun 3-1/2 years ago.


February 22, 2012
Blessed Mother says: "Praise be to Jesus.  I have come to help you understand the significance of this particular Penance Season. Change is being promoted in your nation, in the world and within long-standing institutions. Please pray and sacrifice that all change results in God's good."


February 26, 2012
Blessed Mother says: "Praise be to Jesus.  I have come to advise and direct the faithful.  Dear children, in every present moment you must be prepared in humility to disregard the opinions of others. If your heart is convicted in Holy Love, and you are living accordingly, you must not let the opinions of others affect your faith."

"Holy Love is the Light of Truth. Walk in this Light, and do not allow the errors in other hearts to overshadow the way. Holy Love is a gift from God. I invite you to jealously guard this gift from any marauder. Some attacks are subtle; others more pronounced; but you, My children, must not accept anything that comes against the Truth of Holy Love. In humility pray to recognize where Satan lies and how he is attacking. Do not place popularity above living in the Truth."


February 27, 2012
St. Thomas Aquinas says: "Praise be to Jesus.  There are many treasures people seek in the world today - financial security, freedom, power - to name a few; but the treasure people should seek is Truth. Truth uncovers the enemy of every soul and redirects souls onto the path of righteousness if it is accepted in the heart."

"Truth is the answer to the economic and political mayhem gripping the heart of the world today. Truth calls people to personal holiness, righteous wisdom and true discernment as opposed to rash judgment. Truth calls people to prayer. It does not scatter but unites. Truth is like a filter which separates good from evil. Truth is the grace of living in Holy Love."


March 2, 2012
"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.  These days your security in God-given rights - even in worldly situations and commodities - is being challenged. From your weakened economic systems to your right to worship as you please, your secure rights are under speculation."

"This is why it is so necessary to place your trust in God's Mercy. It is Divine Mercy and Divine Love alone that are your safe Refuge. Your borders are not secure geographically nor spiritually; but have become very vulnerable. But no one can challenge the Holy Love you hold in your heart unless you allow them to do so."

"Stand firm, then, in faith, hope and love, trusting in My Mercy which will deliver you from the hands of the enemy."


January 22, 2012
St. Catherine of Siena says: "All praise be to Jesus.  When you pray, pray that the Blood of Christ's Passion stands between this president and his reelection. Too many innocent lives have been lost due to his policies."


Message From Our Lady

Special Promises for The Rosary of the Unborn

July 2, 2001, Daytime

Our Lady comes as the Sorrowful Mother. She says:
Praise be to Jesus. I see you are using the new Rosary of the Unborn. I affirm to you, my daughter, that each Hail Mary prayed from a loving heart will rescue one of these innocent lives from death by abortion. When you use this rosary, call to mind My Sorrowful Immaculate Heart which continually sees the sin of abortion played out in every present moment. I give to you this special sacramental* with which to heal My Motherly Heart.


Maureen asks:Blessed Mother, do you mean any Hail Mary or just one prayed on the Rosary of the Unborn?


Blessed Mother:This is a special grace attached to this particular rosary. It should always be used to pray against abortion. You will please make this known.


July 2, 2001, Evening
Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She is holding the Rosary of the Unborn and says:
Praise be to Jesus. You can be confident in using this Rosary and the attached attendant promise I have given you. Do not be abashed (shy) about propagating this message.


Message from Our Lord More Special Promises for The Rosary of the Unborn

August 3, 2001
I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Trust in Me. Please tell the world that each 'Our Father' (beads shown to Maureen by Jesus were teardrops of blood in the form of a cross) recited on the Rosary of the Unborn assuages My grieving Heart. Further, it withholds the Arm of Justice.


The greatest promise I give you in regards to this rosary is this: Every rosary prayed from the heart to its completion on these beads (teardrops) mitigates the punishment as yet withstanding for the sin of abortion.


I attach this promise to the rosary given directly to you by My Mother, for it is particular to Her design and requests. Make it known.


Later that day:
I (Maureen) told Jesus I had a question about the promise He gave concerning the Rosary of the Unborn. He finally returned, all aglow. He smiled and said:


I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I know your question. Do not bother to speak it. When I say the punishment as yet withstanding for the sin of abortion, I mean the punishment each soul deserves for taking part in this sin. Then too, I also refer to the greater punishment that awaits the world for embracing this sin.


Pray from your heart knowing that your rosary appeases Me.


Messages From Heaven About The Rosary of the Unborn

Please also see the sections of this website entitled Heaven’s Words on Abortion

My Mother has prescribed for you the Rosary of the Unborn to overcome this great error and grave sin. I never tire of hearing it. It is balm to my wounded Heart. (Jesus, 7/7/2001)
…It is with docility I come to tell you that Jesus is passing on to the world through My Maternal Heart this Rosary of the Unborn. Never before in the history of mankind has motherhood been so maligned and misrepresented. Never before has the life of the unborn been in such jeopardy. But through faithful recitation of the rosary on these beads I have presented to you, Satan's plans will be thwarted and natural motherhood raised once again to its place of distinction. Jesus has chosen this century through the Will of His Father for a return to the reality of life within the womb which will be a stepping stone to His victory. (Blessed Mother, 2/2/2002)
I have come to show you this. She shows me the Rosary of the Unborn wrapped around a beautiful gold crown. This is My Crown of Victory. See and understand that this Rosary of the Unborn is an integral part of My Victory, both in hearts and in the world. Jesus desires that you make this known. (Blessed Mother, 3/18/2002)
The Rosary of the Unborn will become the weapon oItalicf choice, both in Heaven and on earth in the war against abortion-so prepare for this. Take up your arms, children of God. Prepare! Stalemates which have affected My mission until now will be resolved. Projects will continue and begin anew. Those who defend and assist this mission, I will defend and assist. Those who make themselves your adversaries are My adversaries, as well. (Jesus, 4/5/2002)
Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed, and they are framed with the Rosary of the Unborn. Jesus: I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Your prayers tonight, My brothers and sisters, have assuaged the grieving Heart of your Savior and of your Heavenly Mother. Many hearts of mothers who were considering abortion have been changed because of your prayers on this rosary tonight. Many unborn children assuredly have been saved from this terrible death. (Jesus, 5/4/2002)
I have come to speak to you about the Rosary of the Unborn. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My Mother prepared My manger with love-directing St. Joseph to cushion it with humble straw. The Rosary of the Unborn which She presented to the world through you is today like that straw in a manger for the unborn. The prayers said on these rosaries are protection and comfort for the unborn. These same prayers are welcoming new life into the world with love. Continue to see, then, the importance of prayer upon this special rosary--this gift from Heaven given through this ministry. (Jesus, 5/10/2002)
My children, you must learn to offer to My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son all the indignities, oppression and uncertainties that surround this mission. For I tell you, a great threat awaits the world-a chastisement greater than you suffered in this country in September. It is coming, My children, unless the Heart of My Beloved Son can be appeased for the great sin of abortion. Therefore, it is necessary and important that you disseminate the Rosary of the Unborn as quickly, and in as many ways as possible. My Son deems that this message can be made public on this eve that you celebrate Mother's Day. For I, the Mother of all nations and the Mother of Love, cooperate always with My Son's Heart and the Will of the Eternal Father. (Blessed Mother, Eve of Mother's Day, 5/11/2002)
I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to speak publicly about the Rosary of the Unborn. This is a great gift given from Heaven in and through this mission of Holy Love. My Mother has designed this rosary Herself, and with Her approval it is now being reproduced. Many and important promises are attendant to this unique rosary of Her design. In the world there are those who have set about to counterfeit this special rosary. I am asking the faithful-do not be fooled. It is the rosary given here at this mission of Holy Love that carries with it the promises from Heaven. (Jesus, 5/29/2002)

The Importance of Prayer and Prayer Against Abortion

My brothers and sisters, every prayer you say against abortion defeats Satan in someone's life, in some way. Come against this heinous crime, the killing of the unborn. Every prayer you say repairs My Heart which is in anguish over this sin. (Jesus, 10/6/2001)
…I have come to tell you what the adversary does not want you to hear; that is, that every Mass you attend, every Communion you receive, every holy hour you make, every prayer or rosary you say, weakens the enemy forever in some soul somewhere in the world.  (Jesus, 10/5/2001)
St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He bows before the tabernacle and says: Praise be to Jesus.
The Holy Mother has sent me to talk to you about the rosary. Some people-even Church leaders-make light of it, you know. But the power of the rosary has not changed over the centuries. If more would pray it, abortion would be recognized for what it is. The acceptance of abortion by any country's leaders places the country in jeopardy; for this sin alone brings about wars, natural disasters, political confusion and economic collapse. Devotion to the holy rosary places the soul under the Blessed Mother's protection-certainly a place anyone should seek to be during these times. Carrying the rosary with you is a sign to Satan that you belong to Mary. Meditation upon the mysteries of the rosary brings the soul closer to Jesus, and leads him away from sin. The rosary is a decisive weapon against Satan's kingdom in this world.
  (St. Thomas Aquinas, 10/7/2002)
My brothers and sisters, when My Mother appeared in the world in 1917, abortion was not a legal option anywhere in the world. Through this message of Holy and Divine Love, you are required to oppose abortion both in hearts and in the world, for this is what living in Holy Love dictates. Pray against abortion, and pray for those who even consider it in their hearts.
(Jesus, 10/13/2002, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima)
Understand that when I was born, I came into the world in the poorest and humblest of conditions. And so today I invite you to pray for all expectant mothers, that they accept the conditions in which providence has placed them, and that they trust in Heaven's provision in their every need. Thus, they will safeguard the life within them. (Jesus, 12/8/02)
My brothers and sisters, today I have come to ask on behalf of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary that this mission, this prayer group be united-first in Holy Love - then in prayer and sacrifice. In this way you become a greater weapon in My Hands to oppose the evil of abortion which threatens the peace of the world. (Jesus, 1/12/03)

Important Messages About Abortion

and How it Affects the World


The United States and Abortion
I am Sovereign Good which must reign in every heart. Once again I come to tell you that if your nation overturns legalized abortion, I will richly bless it by my favor. But if this sin continues with national approval, much will be stripped away. My brothers and sisters, recognize evil and pray against it.  (Jesus, 10/14/2001)
In truth I tell you that your nation's stance on legalized abortion is the determining factor in your national security. For years Heaven has stood by and watched as the security of the baby in the womb was violated and lifetaken. Solemnly I tell you, recognize abortion as a face of evil and an enemy to world security. You will not have genuine peace until abortion is overturned. Do not see My words to you today as a threat, but as a grace. (Jesus, 10/5/2001)
Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed…(Jesus and Blessed Mother were surrounded with the Rosary of the Unborn. There were large angels stationed at each of the Our Father beads.) Jesus: …I have come to ask you to stop killing the life I lovingly place in the womb. Each life that is snuffed out changes the world forever. My brothers and sisters, I come to you today clothed in truth and openness. I hide nothing from you. I have no ulterior motive aside from the safety, salvation and well-being of every soul from the moment of conception until natural death. I beg your country today to take heed of My call to end legalized abortion. Do not wait until My solution is your last alternative.  (10/5/2001)
My message to you as a nation is this: GOD alone is the giver and taker of life. Whenever man presumes to take upon himself the role of God, the world is changed forever. (Blessed Mother, 9/15/01)
…I have come to speak to you about love, trust and the Divine Will of My Father. My Finger rests upon the pulse of this nation. I tell you solemnly, every error is due to lack of love. Abortion - even birth control - would not exist in your nation or the world if hearts were perfected in love. Holy Love leads to trust in Divine Providence. This trust then, leads to acceptance of the Divine Will. My Father's Will reaches into the past, is present with you now, and awaits you in the future. The soul must understand that My Father's plan for every present moment is perfect and without flaw. So, trust is dependent upon a more perfect love; and both love and trust combine to carry the soul into the Divine Will. Your nation can learn from this lesson. Make it known. (Jesus, 1/27/03)
…when you look at the problems of the world today, you can see that, for the most part, people and nations trust only in themselves and their human efforts. This is why there is an escalated arms race, an unequal distribution of resources, abortion, and embryonic experimentation, and every possible sin against human decency. The world has not learned from its own history-that it cannot exist apart from God-that it cannot thrive outside of love. (Jesus, 11/5/02)

More Important Messages About Abortion

…the more man tries to become like God, the more he will be humbled. The more humanity assumes the role of giver and taker of life, the more self-centeredness and hatred will flourish in hearts.  (Jesus, 10/12/2001)

My Sacred Heart mourns the loss of life that sin brings about. Even more do I mourn the ones who say they love Me, but by their attitudes condone abortion, birth control, euthanasia and suicide. Do they not see the choices they are making by their inaction? (Jesus, 6/7/2002, Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

*Note: In order to be a sacramental, it must be blessed by a Catholic Priest.

**Definition of sacramentals from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:
Sacramentals are sacred signs instituted by the Church. They prepare men to receive the fruit of the sacraments and sanctify different circumstances of life. Among the sacramentals, blessings occupy an important place. They include both praise of God for His works and gifts, and the Church's intercession for men that they may be able to use God's gifts according to the spirit of the gospel.