"The Greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction Is ABORTION."
Message from Jesus: "If your nation overturns legalized abortion, I will richly bless it by my favor. But if this sin continues with national approval, much will be stripped away."
Welcome to the official Holy Love Ministries e-commerce website through our communications affiliate, Archangel Gabriel Enterprises Inc.!  We are an ecumencial (for all people) organization and do not seek ecclesiastical approval.
The items on our website were requested by Our Lord and Our Lady through this ministry for the world and feature THE ROSARY OF THE UNBORN -- THE MOST POWERFUL AND ULTIMATE WEAPON TO END ABORTION.
This special Rosary was given to the world by the Blessed Virgin Mary, asking for all people to unite in prayer against abortion.  With it comes SPECIAL PROMISES that WITH EACH 'HAIL MARY' lovingly prayed from the heart, AN UNBORN CHILD WILL BE SAVED FROM ABORTION.  (For more detail, please see the section entitled "Promises and Important Messages").
The Rosary of the Unborn is offered in two versions: Small (one-decade) and Large (five-decade), and both hold the graces given by Heaven.  They are offered with booklets in English, Spanish, French, and Korean languages.
Proceeds from the sales of the Rosary of the Unborn benefit the United Hearts Life Mission Centers, located in Ohio, which offer counseling to pregnant women regarding alternatives to abortion, and food and clothing to the needy.  We also use funding to produce and distribute additional Rosaries.
In addition to the Rosary of the Unborn, our website also offers books, medals, prints and other devotional items given to us by Jesus and Blessed Mother and are made available through Holy Love Ministries.  Many, such as the Miraculous Image of the 'Mary, Refuge of Holy Love' and the United Hearts medal, offer protection against evil. 
Heaven requested the books on this website to be printed so that the messages from this mission be known to the world.  These messages can also be found and printed at the Holy Love Ministries website at www.holylove.org.
We are an ecumenical (for all people), non-profit organization and not affiliated with any denomination or the Catholic Church. 
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