POCKET COIN - Mary Refuge/United Hearts.2-Sided, Full Color

Medal Pocket Coin: MRHL/UH Epoxy Color
Price: $3.95
POCKET COIN - Mary Refuge/United Hearts.2-Sided, Full Color
POCKET COIN - Mary Refuge/United Hearts.2-Sided, Full Color
Product Details
POCKET COIN - 2 Sided, Full Color Epoxy images of Mary Refuge of Holy Love one side, United Hearts Complete Image on the other side.
A great product for those who cannot wear a medal around their necks or those who would like to further their devotion to the United Hearts and Mary Refuge of Holy Love.  Carry in pocket or purse and in your car.
One side of the pocket coin shows the full color image of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and on the other side the full color image of Mary Refuge of Holy Love.

Epoxy on Metal      Size: 1.25 in

1. The souls who display this Image and regard it with reverence will receive, by the Hand of the Eternal Father, the grace to draw nearer to His Divine Will, even though the world separates itself more and more from His Eternal and Perfect Will.
2. My Beloved Son vows the patronage of all the Heavenly Court to such souls who venerate this Image.
3. Through the intercession of My Immaculate Heart, the souls devoted to this Image will be protected from heresy; thus, their Heavenly Mother will protect their Faith.
Please make this known.
(May 24, 2009)

Promises of Image of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love
From the Blessed Virgin Mary:
1) It is a fortress against evil and should stand guard over every heart and home.
2)Those that do so shall not have anything to fear in these tribulations which are at hand.
3) Many and particular graces will come to you through this Image.
4) This is your fortress against evil, against much that will occur in the world.
5) Understand and believe, My dear children, that it is the invocation Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, Pray for Us that is your protection and your defense. Dear children rely on the Image of My Heart that reminds you of this certain Refuge.

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