Discernment: Discovering the Truth SPANISH (El Discernimiento (Discernment)

Booklet: El Discernimiento (Discernment;Spanish)
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Discernment: Discovering the Truth SPANISH (El Discernimiento (Discernment)
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Discernment: Discovering the Truth SPANISH (El Discernimiento: Descubriendo La Verdad)
A booklet, in Spanish, of compiled messages regarding Discernment which acts is a gift that helps us to distinguish good from evil.

Extracto [Spanish]:
El discernimiento es un don del Espiritu Santo al cual le siguen las virtudes de la prudencia y la sabiduria. Es mas profundo que estas dos y se puede comparar al instinto en la naturaleza. Los animales, los pajaros y los peces nacen con instinto que les ayuda a sobrevivir en un medio salvaje. Estos instintos tambien dictan patrones de comportamiento, tales como el regresso de las palomas a Capistrano cada ano....El discernimiento no es sinonimo de autoridad. No es el juicio precipitado basado en saltar a conclusiones. Es una opinion basada en seleccionar la verdad de la falsedad.... (Jesus,19 de Febrero del 2000)

Excerpt [English]: "Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit which follows the virtues of prudence and wisdom. It is deeper than these two and can be likened to instinct in nature. Animals, birds, and fish are born with instincts which help them survive in the wild. These instincts also dictate behavioral patterns such as the swallows' return to Capistrano every year....Discernment is not synonymous with authority. It is not rash judgment based on leaping to conclusions. It is an opinion based on sifting out the truth from falsehood..." (Jesus, 2/19/2000)

Front cover measures 4.5 x 6 inches.Softcover, 58 pages.

UPC: 712392401562